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Hospital Foundation funds new flooring throughout hospital

The floors are looking much better throughout the Ellinwood Hospital, thanks to a new flooring project funded by the Ellinwood Hospital Foundation.

“The Foundation has supported many projects at the Hospital, but this one is a little special,” explains Kile Magner, hospital CEO. “While equipment is only used by patients who need the service it provides, this flooring makes a difference for every single person who comes into the hospital. It makes a huge difference for staff, and it makes the hospital a much nicer place to be for patients.”

The Foundation raised funds for the project in their traditional Christmas report and appeal in 2014 and 2015. Then, in January of this year, the Foundation held its first Employee Support Campaign.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much the employees at the hospital and clinic support us,” praised Lindsey Bogner, Executive Director of the Foundation. “The employees donated over $9,200 to the flooring project. It’s remarkable what our hospital family and community accomplished.”

After the employees, the biggest single donor was the Ellinwood Hospital Auxiliary reported Bogner. The Foundation then set aside funds from its general fund, including past memorials, to pay the balance.

In total, the entire project cost over $32,000 to purchase and install throughout all public areas of the hospital: hallways, lobby, Family Room, Activity Room, and back into the ER waiting area; patient rooms were not changed. The floors are a rolled vinyl, in two complimentary colors. It was purchased from the Color Clinic, Great Bend, and installed by Brian Dupuis Carpet Service, Larned. The decades-old carpet previously installed was removed by the hospital’s Maintenance Director, Darrin Moran.

After the project was complete, the Hospital District Board of Directors also approved the re-flooring of the Therapy Services area and the Ellinwood Clinic. Therapy Services was completed this week, and the Clinic floors will be installed in early 2017.

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