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In an effort to bring specialty healthcare services closer to you, we welcome different specialty doctors in our Hospital and Clinic to serve you.


ENDOSCOPY - Dr. Robin D. Durrett

An endoscopy is a procedure in which your doctor uses specialized instruments to view and operate on the internal organs and vessels of your body. We offer two types of endoscopy: 


           Upper endoscopy, also known as EGD, is a procedure in which a thin                scope with a light and camera at its tip is used to look inside the upper

           digestive tract -- the esophagus, stomach, and first part of the small    

           intestine, called the duodenum.


           Colonoscopy is a test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining

           of your large intestine (rectum and colon). He or she uses a thin, flexible

           tube called a colonoscope to look at the colon. A colonoscopy helps find

           ulcers, colon polyps, tumors, and areas of inflammation or bleeding.


CARDIOLOGY - Dr. A. Jamil Ahmed

Cardiologists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases or conditions of the heart and blood vessels—the cardiovascular system. You might also visit a cardiologist so you can learn about your risk factors for heart disease and find out what measures you can take for better heart health.


Call the Hutch Clinic, our partner in offering this service, to schedule an appointment at (620) 669-2717. To learn more about Dr. Ahmed, click here .


Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. A dermatologist treats diseases, in the widest sense, and some cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails.


Our dermatology services are offered via telemedicine, an efficient and effective way to bring services to smaller facilities.




Endocrinologists treat people who suffer from hormonal imbalances, typically from glands in the endocrine system. The overall goal of treatment is to restore the normal balance of hormones found in a patient's body.


Our endocrinology services are offered via telemedicine, an efficient and effective way to bring services to smaller facilities.



Our specialty services are offered in the Ellinwood Clinic, on certain days throughout the month. Please see the schedule below:

     Dr. Robin D. Durrett: Varied days

     Dr. A. Jamil Ahmed: 3rd Thursday

     Telemedicine: Any Thursday



Call (620) 564-3771, and speak with Diane McReynolds, Clinic Manager

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