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There are multiple ways to give the gift of your time to support Ellinwood District Hospital and Clinic: you can volunteer for the Foundation or the Auxiliary.

To volunteer, or to find out more, please Contact Us!


Volunteers are always needed for the Foundation. As a charitable organization, we rely on community support in every aspect of operation; volunteers are needed to serve on the Foundation Board of Trustees and committees, make fundraising calls and contacts, and to help with special events and projects. To become a volunteer and give of your time & talents, please contact the Foundation Office at (620) 566-1054.



The Auxiliary is a volunteer organization that assists the Hospital and provides scholarships to deserving students. Volunteers are needed to help with special events, fundraise, and serve on the Auxiliary Board of Trustees. To volunteer with the Auxiliary, contact the Hospital at (620) 564-2548 and let us know you're interested in helping out.  

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