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COVID-19 Information

For your information, we are providing these links about the Novel Coronavirus, called COVID-19, to help educate and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This information links to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure that information is current and up-to-date.

If you are in respiratory distress or are having a medical emergency, go to the closest emergency room.


As we continue to monitor the progression of COVID-19 in Kansas, we would request that you call (620) 564-3771 before coming into the facility. If possible, we would like to meet you at the Clinic door to perform an assessment and screening before you enter the facility. This will decrease the spread of illness to our staff and other patients. Thank you for your understanding on this matter as we try to maintain the best and safest environment for our patients and staff.

KDHE COVID-19 Hotline: 1-866-534-3463 (1-866-KDHEINF), Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, or email your questions to or visit the chatbot in the COVID-19 Resource Center at

KDHE COVID-19 Resource Center

CDC COVID-19 Resource Center


If you are sick with the coronavirus

Reduce the spread of the coronavirus

Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic Outbreak Response


Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic is dedicated to the health of our community. In response to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are enacting some basic prevention measures for staff, patients, and visitors. These precautions are being evaluated regularly and are subject to change without advance notice. We appreciate your understanding as we implement these measures. As a healthcare facility, we have a responsibility to protect our patients and staff, and these safety measures allow us to do so. You can help by practicing good hygiene and social distancing.


The hospital and clinic have put the following prevention measures in place:

Patient care

If you have been potentially exposed to COVID-19, and are having a medical emergency or are in respiratory distress, go to your nearest emergency room, but be sure to notify the facility before you arrive if possible. If you feel as if you have COVID-19 symptoms and would like to be seen at the Ellinwood Clinic, please call to schedule your appointment and allow staff members to put the appropriate protective measures in place.


ER Entrance Only

Please go to the Emergency Room entrance (north side of the hospital, under the large brick awning) to be screened and allowed entry to the Hospital. A staff member will meet you, take your temperature, and ask about symptoms you may be having. Please call ahead if you are experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath; you will be asked to use hand sanitizer and don a mask. Visitors with symptoms will be asked to visit at another time.


Clinic Front Door Entry Only

Please go to the front door of the Clinic for appointments, unless explicitly told otherwise by a nurse or provider. If you need the handicap entrance, please call (620) 564-3771 to alert the staff, and use the doorbell at the door.


Visitor Restrictions

Only immediate family members, limited to one at a time, will be allowed to visit a patient. Certain exemptions may be allowed at the discretion of the provider. Visitors exhibiting respiratory symptoms will be asked to visit another time.

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