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As a non-profit hospital, every dollar above operating costs is directly invested back into our Hospital, Clinic, and the services we provide.


You may ask - "Why support the Hospital if its tax-based?" 


We have many reasons - 

1. We have a very small hospital district. It cannot support the projects, service enhancements, and programs simply through tax-revenues.


2. Our Hospital Board of Trustees is diligent in their duty to effectively manage the tax levies imposed on the district. We don't want to tax our local residents too much.


3. We provide care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. This practice means we provide reduced-cost and free healthcare to those who qualify; the amount of "Charity Care" we provide is considerable.


4. Healthcare is always changing. There is always new and innovative services, procedures, equipment, and training that our Hospital wants to provide. We have to keep up so that we can offer the best care to our patients. They deserve it.

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