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For outpatients: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

For emergency and inpatients: 24/7 on call



Call (620) 564-2548


In our Laboratory Department, our knowledgeable staff will take the extra time to take care of you.


Don't forget - we can perform any of your lab services here, even if you don't doctor at our Clinic. Simply ask your provider to send us your order, and then come on over when its convenient for you!



We offer a wide range of tests to help providers diagnose and manage patient conditions. Tests must be ordered by a provider. The two most common requested tests are for blood samples and urine samples. Depending on the type of test your provider orders, tests may need to be performed at a specific time of day and/or require diet restrictions. No appointment is needed for lab testing. Results of your tests will be sent directly to your provider.



Throughout the year, we offer a reduced-cost lab fair, to make it easier for you to "know your numbers" and keep up with your health. These screenings provide baseline information on cholesterol, blood glucose, liver, kidneys, thyroid, and more. Check out the Upcoming Events calendar for dates.


            Tests Offered at Lab Fair Include:

            Executive Profile - CBC, CMP, Phos, Uric, Mag, Iron, GGT, Liver, Lipid,      

                                             FT4, and TSH

            PSA Screen - prostate screen

            HgbA1c - to diagnose and track diabetes

            CBC - Complete Blood Count

            CMP - Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

            Lipid - Chol, Trig, and HDL)

            Liver Panel

            Thyroid Panel - TSH and FT4


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