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The Red Haus Pharmacy, operated by Ryan Stratmann, PharmD, will be opening in the coming months and is bringing many services to Ellinwood as part of its offerings.

“We are offering the same conveniences as you would expect at larger pharmacies, along with hometown care,” explains Ryan. “I like to operate the ‘old-fashioned’ way, by the Golden Rule. My goal is to help you with questions, work hard, be honest, and treat you with respect.”

Some of the services the pharmacy will offer include:

  • Brand-name and generic prescriptions

  • Over-the-counter medications and retail items

  • Medication therapy management: a program to help you manage your medications and health conditions all in one place

  • Medication synchronization: a program that coordinates refills to one day, instead of making multiple trips throughout the month

  • Automatic refills: set up eligible medications to be automatically refilled by the pharmacy each month

  • Basic Compounding: preparing personalized medications by mixing the individual ingredients in the exact strength and dosage for the patient

  • Order status notifications: sign up for a service to alert or remind patients that medications are ready for pickup

  • Drive-thru service

  • Local delivery

  • Handicap accessibility


“This is the beginning of a great partnership between patients, pharmacist, and providers,” reports Kile Magner, CEO of Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic. “Patients can expect great care from the whole healthcare team, here at home.”

Transferring prescriptions to the pharmacy will be an easy process. Patients can call or come in with the medications they would like to transfer. Providing the previous pharmacy and phone number will allow the pharmacist to transfer the prescriptions. Patients may also call their physician or provider’s office and request that they send over a new prescription to The Red Haus Pharmacy once it is open.

As a brand new pharmacy, all patients will be new patients, and as such will need to set up their information with the pharmacy. Inventory will be a growing process, and letting the pharmacist know what patients need transferred or filled ahead of time will make the process easier. Patients can come into the pharmacy to start the process; a week in advance is the recommendation so as to avoid delays.

The announcement of opening date, grand opening, and ribbon cutting will be made later this month to invite the community to celebrate this addition to the Ellinwood community.

Be on the lookout for more information!

We're going to be announcing opening date, ribbon cutting, open house, and more in the coming month.

Listen to the KVGB 1590AM "Focus on Ellinwood" radio show from April 18, 2019 with Ryan Stratmann, PharmD to learn more about the new pharmacy!


KVGB 1590AM - Focus on Ellinwood - KVGB 1590AM
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