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Ellinwood Hospital Foundation appoints Executive Director

In its reorganization, the Ellinwood Hospital Foundation, previously known as the Ellinwood Area Health Foundation, made provisions to appoint an Executive Director.

“The Executive Director allows us to have a full-time staff person whose job is to grow and help manage the Foundation,” reports Karen Sessler, the board president. “This allows the Foundation to encourage unprecedented growth.”

Lindsey Bogner, of Odin, was officially appointed the Executive Director at the Foundation’s regular meeting in October, but has been assisting the Foundation and Hospital through the recent changes in structure since July.

“This is an exciting endeavor,” describes Bogner. “Being able to help an established and successful Foundation take the next step to open up more opportunities for growth is an amazing experience.”

“We are excited to welcome Lindsey,” states Sessler. “We look forward to working with her to improve the hospital and the overall health of our community.”

Bogner’s duties as the Executive Director will be to manage the day-to-day operation of the Foundation and act as agent to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. She will be directing fundraising, donor and public relations, special events, budgeting and disbursements, and new programs and initiatives.

“The Foundation has been doing so well in our community,” maintains Bogner. “They’ve supported so many projects throughout the community, but especially at the Hospital. With continued community support, the Foundation can sustain large improvements there, and with the Hospital, make a positive change.”

Bogner is the community relations director at Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic, as well. She directs all public relations activities and helps to increase engagement within the communities the hospital serves.

Bogner is a graduate of Fort Hays State University and an Army veteran. She volunteers as a Kansas Hunter Education Instructor, PSR instructor for her parish, and member of Barton County Young Professionals Public Relations team. She lives near Odin with her husband, Mark, the CASE/New Holland technical instructor at Barton Community College, and their two children, Zoey, 4, and Otto, 2.

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