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Local Veterans Tour New Ellinwood Hospital & Clinic

Ellinwood Hospital & Clinic hosted a tour of the new Hospital & Clinic to local Veterans of War last week.  The tour included 7 Veterans, 1 Legion Rider and 1 PTSD Therapist from Dropping 22, a new nonprofit therapy company in Great Bend, KS that focuses their counseling services on Veterans of War.  In addition, Tyler York from Senator Jerry Moran’s office also made the trip to Ellinwood to join the special guests. Mr. Moran’s entire staff have a huge heart for America’s Veterans of War.

These members of our community make up a significant number of residents in central Kansas. With Memorial Day around the corner, it was great to host a tour like this that reminds us of where our freedom comes from. “The new Hospital & Clinic is in a great location to serve 9,600 Vets who reside in the 8 counties of central Kansas,” says Jon Prescott, who assisted in coordinating the tour. “We are very excited to be able to give back to them in a way that helps their health after everything they have sacrificed.”

One goal for Ellinwood Hospital & Clinic is to be able to serve all types of people from various ages, backgrounds and medical needs. Allowing our Vets to see the new facility is one step closer to different groups feeling included and welcome.

Veterans Tour New Ellinwood Hospital & Clinic


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