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Balance 4 Life program to start at Hospital

Falls are the most common cause of trauma in Kansas. In the United States, there are 183 Emergency Room visits every hour for fall-related injuries to older adults.

“It is important for us to recognize the risk of falling,” reports Scott Tillotson, physical therapist at Ellinwood District Hospital. “It is even more important to do something to decrease that risk. Balance training and arming yourself with information goes a long way in making sure you don’t become a statistic.”

Seniors are at an increased chance for falls, due to balance issues. Balance is affected by so many things, including aging bodies, degrading vision, medication side effects, and some diseases. The Hospital invites maturing adults to a class geared specifically to improving balance and decreasing the chance of falls.

On Thursday, September 10, the Hospital is starting an educational class on balance and fall prevention. The Therapy Services department and the Ellinwood Recreation Commission are hosting the class, which will feature balance exercises and information and prevention measures from physicians, optometrists, and physical therapists.

The class meets six times, on Thursdays, 3-5pm. Cost for the entire is $25.00, and attendees will receive a set of weights to keep to use in exercises after the program and complete set of materials for the class.

To register for the class, please call the Hospital at (620) 564-2548, and ask for Lindsey Bogner.

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