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Area Health Foundation changes name, reorganizes

In 1987, a forward-thinking group of people came together to form the Ellinwood Area Health Foundation in support of Ellinwood’s health needs. Throughout the years, the Area Health Foundation funded projects, both large and small, for Ellinwood District Hospital, Ellinwood Emergency Medical Services, the school district, and other local organizations.

Fast-forward 28 years, and you have a successful community health foundation.

“Our Foundation is dedicated to the health of our community,” reports Karen Sessler, board president. “The main goal of the Foundation is improve the health of our neighbors, by improving services and facilities at Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic.”

For years, a volunteer Board of Trustees directed and managed monetary gifts to best meet the healthcare needs of the Hospital's patients by funding equipment purchases, EMS scholarships, service fairs, and community education initiatives. The legacy of many generous donors was stewarded to leave a lasting impact.

In welcoming new Hospital CEO, Kile Magner, the Foundation began to look at opportunities for growth.

“A foundation is an essential piece of any non-profit hospital,” explains Magner. “Our Foundation has already created a lasting legacy. By increasing its scope, we can work together to complete some significant projects.”

The Foundation reorganized as the Ellinwood Hospital Foundation, making it easier to identify the mission and cause the Foundation supports: the entire health of our local communities, through the services and programs offered at the hospital and clinic. The Foundation also revised its governing documents to be better prepared for future growth, allowing for an Executive Director, and updating to meet today’s philanthropic standards.

“Our name changed,” reports Sessler, “but our main focus, the reason we’re here, isn’t going to change. If anything, it’s grown in scope.”

The Ellinwood Hospital Foundation remains a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of our local communities.

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