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Hospital Foundation board table changing

The Ellinwood Hospital Foundation, previously the Ellinwood Area Health Foundation, said farewell to some long-time board members this year, with Gayla Asher, Joyce Schulte, and Lloyd Kurtz and said hello to three new members, Dr. Charlie Joslin, Ryan Minnis, and Shawna Schafer, all of Ellinwood. Asher and Schulte had completed their terms, and Kurtz requested to resign, citing a desire to focus on his church duties.

“Quality board members are essential to any Foundation, but Gayla, Joyce, and Lloyd, with their tireless efforts and immense background of knowledge and experiences will definitely be missed,” reported Lindsey Bogner, Executive Director.

The new board members were welcomed in January and March, starting with training and information about the Foundation, its history, and their duties. “Our new members, Dr. Joslin, Ryan, and Shawna, are learning and are definitely hitting the road running,” stated Bogner. “With the new programs of the Foundation, they are a great asset to have on the team looking forward.”

The Foundation is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees, selected from our local communities. Since its inception, the board has been diligent in its duty to provide charitable stewardship for gifts to the Foundation. The trustees develop investment strategies and policies for the Foundation and ensure that donor designations are upheld.

Current Foundation Board of Trustee members are:

Karen Sessler, President

Diane Nemnich, Vice President

Beth Meyeres, Treasurer

Jo Kurtz, Secretary

Dr. Charlie Joslin

Linda Kimple

Kile Magner, Ellinwood Hospital & Clinic CEO

Ryan Minnis

Shawna Schafer

Non-Voting Members:

Joy Schlochtermeier, Ellinwood Hospital Auxiliary President

Lindsey Bogner, Executive Director

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